The 3 blue pills of Rusty Autopilot

The 3 blue pills of Rusty Autopilot

Rusty Autopilot
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Mitch Olson
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Jun 26, 2021
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Inbox * It occurs to me that [[The Law of Three 🔘/Third force blind]] is a function of this principle * Is “unnoticing” one of ? * Implicit in [this] is the notion of being asleep

Introduction to Rusty autopilot

Heidegger & Always Already

  • Ref [[Heidegger/Always Already]]

The opposite of Rusty Autopilot

  • ::What does the opposite of the 3 Blue pills look like?::
  • [[The 3 Red pills of Self Authorship (3RP)]]

1. Authority (Projected Authorship)

  • This is submission to someone else telling us “What is important” and whether we are any good at it
  • Whilst we think of ourself as being autonomous there are many moments in our life where we unconsciously allow the expectations we live under to be defined by other people, rather than being our own authority


  • Martin Heidegger
    calls this “fallen-ness” and expresses it being-lost in the publicness of the “they” [/das Man/]’

2. Mechanicality

Previously “Autopilot trance mode (Automaticity & Habituality)”


  • If so is something like [[Un-noticing]] the appropriate term term here as the opposite of “watchfulness” or “wakefulness”?
  • Is this about living from [[idojo: A different strategy (to behaviour change)/1. Mechanical versus conscious]]
  • ::Is this more helpfully “positioned” as mechanicality vs conscious-deliberate modes of being::
  • All Self Authorship starts with “stop & awaken”. Where does this fit with the [[Viegram 🔘]]?
  • Habituality is both static quality (thrownness) as well as [[Asleep-ness 🔘]] (absence of self remembering presence).


  • Ref [[5CBM - 3. Cognition and Decision-making/1. Inertial bias (Habituality)]]
  • Inertia. Status quo bias
  • The distinction between mechanical (automatic) behaviours and conscious behaviours

3. Circularity of cognition

  • Ref [[5CBM - 3. Cognition and Decision-making/2. Cognitive structure ("the listening")]]
  1. We see what we expect to see
  1. Our sense of possibility and experience of the world is limited by our beliefs of possibility
      • This has significant implications for Limiting beliefs:
        • Especially the first 3 foundational beliefs [[The first belief: I am (not) equal to everything]]
        • [[Self-efficacy]] theory
        • Growth mindset
  1. Our identity tends to self preserve
      • A consequence of circularity is “identification”
      • [[/3rd person self-talk is better than 1st-person self-talk at changing behaviour]]
        • “You got this Mitch” as aspect of Psychological distancing as a “mechanic” that helps “halt”
  1. Language and distinctions are invisible barriers


  • [[The Meaningful Participation framework: tying it all together]]
  • [[The 3 Green Pills of Human Cognition (3Gp)]]
  • [[The 5 Disabilities of Slumbering Submission]]

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Projected authority is a state where we have given away our authority to define ouselves, what is important and how to realise that.

Rusty Autopilot

Rusty Autopilot

The beginning of Self Authorship starts with becoming conscious of how we are not that. This what I call the state of Rusty autopilot. In Rusty autopilot one is a kind of automation living out yesterdays habits, and others expectations.