• [[0. The Reawakener: Reawakening]]


This dyadic distinction of Mechanicality (“Autopilot”) and Wakefulness (previously called “Red-pilling”) is the foundation of self-authorship. Without “waking up” we are just automatons (sleepwalkers, zombies, machines).
  • This is the [[The 3 Blue Pills of Bridled Autopilot (3Bp)/2. Mechanicality]]
  • Gurdjieff taught that most humans their lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep”. This is the consciousness associated with living out of Habituality. He asserted that people in their typical state function as unconscious automatons , but that a person can “wake up” and become a different sort of human being altogether.

A call to wake up from Entrancement

  • We spend our lives on a type of autopilot where we not fully present and engaged with important parts of our life.
  • Like the possibility of finding more to appreciate about your life as it is, or feeling more engaged with the journey of making your life an even richer one.
  • Our lives sometimes are more something that is happening to us rather than a journey that we are actively navigating
  • And the pride that comes with that. The pride that comes from actively developing the capability to build a better life
  • Everyone deserves that, and everyone is capable of it.
  • And building that capability is done just the same as building ::fitness or strength:: (::or skilfulness::) in your physical capability; it's just the right kind of regular practice.
  • thats what we help you build in your life; the capability to build your own life and to find more to appreciate about yourself and your life.

Can I deliver a message this intimate?

MPa orientation

  • This term (“Ref-pilling”) is important as it speaks to the moment-point where I (remember to) shift from SSu to MPa
  • It connects with my idea of [[Awakened Beginnings and Endings]]
  • The MPa term is possibly something like “Presence” but I want my own term as that has too much baggage
  • Red pill
  • Awake
  • [[Self remembering 🔘]]

Bridled Autopilot orientation

  • but just to be clear. These 3 pills are never vanquished from your life. But gradually we develop increasing degrees of mastery over
  • Autopilot ✔︎ (but that doesn’t speak to “waking sleep”)
  • Bluepill-ness
  • waking sleep
  • Habituality & Mechanicality

Gurdjieff talks about

  • mechanical & machine-like
  • asleepness & sleeping machines
  • “waking sleep”
  • It is the condition where the “Controlling Self” is not awake and therefore only a habitual response from a “sub self” can be offered to meet the moment I’m thinking of a “sub self” as a habitualised self that operates with minimised "Real self" attendance

Cf “habituality”

  • habituality refers to a pattern of Stimulus and Response