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Nov 9, 2021
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The distinction between mechanicality (“autopilot”) and wakefulness (previously called “Red-pilling”) is the foundation of
Self Authorship
. Without “waking up” we are just automatons (sleepwalkers, zombies, machines). The first skill or capability of Self Authorship is
The Reawakener: Reawakening
We spend our lives on a type of autopilot where we not fully present and engaged with important parts of our life. Like the possibility of finding more to appreciate about your life as it is, or feeling more engaged with the journey of making your life an even richer one. Our lives sometimes are more something that is happening to us rather than a journey that we are actively navigating. This is captured in
'Happening to you' or 'Happening through you'
George Gurdjieff
taught that most humans their lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep”. This is the consciousness associated with living out of
. He asserted that people in their typical state function as unconscious automatons , but that a person can “wake up” and become a different sort of human being altogether.
As we develop mastery in this we also build our pride in ourselves. The pride that comes from actively developing the capability to build a better life. Everyone deserves that, and everyone is capable of it.
And building that
is done just the same as building fitness or strength or skilfulness in your physical capability; it's just the right kind of regular

MPa orientation

  • This term (“Ref-pilling”) is important as it speaks to the moment-point where I (remember to) shift from SSu to MPa
  • It connects with my idea of [[Awakened Beginnings and Endings]]
  • The MPa term is possibly something like “Presence” but I want my own term as that has too much baggage
  • Red pill
  • Awake
  • [[Self remembering 🔘]]

Rusty Autopilot orientation

  • but just to be clear. These 3 pills are never vanquished from your life. But gradually we develop increasing degrees of mastery over
  • Autopilot ✔︎ (but that doesn’t speak to “waking sleep”)
  • Bluepill-ness
  • waking sleep
  • Habituality & Mechanicality

Gurdjieff talks about

  • mechanical & machine-like
  • asleepness & sleeping machines
  • “waking sleep”
  • It is the condition where the “Controlling Self” is not awake and therefore only a habitual response from a “sub self” can be offered to meet the moment I’m thinking of a “sub self” as a habitualised self that operates with minimised "Real self" attendance

Cf “habituality”

  • habituality refers to a pattern of Stimulus and Response
Mitch Olson

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Mitch Olson