Meaningful Participation

An introduction to Meaningful participation

Meaningful Participation
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Dec 8, 2021
An introduction to Meaningful participation
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Meaningful participation is a philosophy and strategy for a better life. All philosophies should be measured on the basis that they enable you to improve the quality of your life.
Philosophies are constructed of a sequence of assertions or “stands” that the philosophy makes about reality; “this is so” or “this leads to this”. The very first assertions of a philosophy are it’s most important as they invisibly influence every subsequent assertion of the philosophy.

Assertion 1: We are meaningful participants in life

The first assertion of Meaningful Participation is in its name. We are meaningful participants in life. We have an active role, and indeed responsibility, to play in our own life. In the question of whether life is
'Happening to you' or 'Happening through you'
, the stand is for the later.
Implicit in the first assertion is the notion of an unconscious default. A mode of living in which we perhaps are not fully engaged. We are in perhaps a state of somewhat

Assertion 2: The essence of life lies in what is meaningful to us

The second assertion of also in its name; that the essence of life lies in meaning and what is meaningful to us. The word meaning has an interesting history, or etymology. It is derived from words meaning “that which is intended to be expressed” and “what which is significant or important”. The combination of these two meanings point towards the idea of meaning as “that which is important that should be realised”.

Living as a process of realisation

Unfortunately at this point we need to pull out the dictionary again as the term “realisation” itself has two related meanings. They both mean “to bring into existence” or “make real”. One kind of “making real” is to bring it into being, to “make it happen” or make it actual. The second kind of “making real” is “to become aware of it”.
Realisation as a process then has 3 stages.
  1. It starts off as a
    Meaningful Potential
    ; something that is important to us but not yet actually realised.
  1. It is then realised in the first sense of the meaning of that word. It is brought into being; it is created. This process entails someone making a stand for doing this which we call
    Self Authorship
  1. It is finally realised in the second sense of the meaning of that world. We become aware of what we have created that is meaningful (important, significant) to us. We call this
    Fulfilled Realisation
Everything under here is under construction.
Meaningful Participation is a theory of reality derived from a study of the fractal patterns of life; that is the common features of life that consistently & inevitably repeat themselves in all manifestations of life. As such the architecture of Meaningful Participation has not been designed so much as it has been intuited.
Aside: You can often unravel why a particular position makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable by asking what assumptions are implicit in the position. Sometimes the first assertions of a philosophy are not explicitly stated as they are unconsciously assumed. This can be dangerous.
What fits under here? Is it (just)
The 3 potentials of life
. Does it include & how does it connect to “The 6 lessons of life” and
My participation matters
and perhaps another “concept group” that includes
Rusty Autopilot

The key features of Meaningful participation

The 3 key features of life

Under construction
  • One of this core features is the self-referential or Circularity nature of life. Is this a function of the architecture of the
More MPa is self authoring philosophy" (or "philosophy of self authorship")
To live your life as if you were responsible for the quality of the outcomes and experiences of your life
* were engaged by the question “what is important to me now?”
* believed you were responsible for realising the answer to that
* realised that your life was finite and you didn’t know when you were going to die
notion image
... that stands on the notion that life’s core purpose is to actively work towards realising its most meaningful potential.
Implicit in it is the following;
  1. Life is meaningful. Each person has their own meaningful potential. This meaning is a “true north” for each person
  1. Our role is to actively participate in serving this Meaningful Potential
  1. We are all participants in the larger wholes of both MP and a shared larger community of being
  • A "meaningful participant" is someone whose actions contribute positively to the well-being of the life it intentionally participates in
  • A triadic worldview. One could argue that MPa is a “truer” model of reality. I would take the perspective of [[The case against reality by Donald D. Hoffman]] or a [[Erhard on circularity and "optical illusions"]] view
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