My participation matters

My participation matters

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we only have one.”
My participation matters is the most fundamental affirmation of one self, and of the value of life. The byline of this “principle set” could be “Your life is precious so make it one you love”.
My participation matters (MPM) is 3 principles that provide essential context to a relationship with life based on our capacity for self authorship. I have previously called these “forgotten possibilities” as our culture as a whole doesn’t recognise or value them. They are natural principles that emerge from the metaphysics of The 3 creative forces of life.
The 3 principles of My participation matters are;
  1. Your life is precious and has beautiful potential
  1. But it is also finite; none of us are going to live forever
And the only way to reconcile those 2 things is to
  1. Be a meaningful participant in your life and act as if today matters

1. Your life is precious

  • The most important thing in Life is the question “what is important to me now?”
  • This principle affirms the value of the person and what is important to them
  • A commitment to the quality of your life & of life itself
  • It not connects us to what is meaningful to us but also builds our capacity to connect to do this
  • Meaning is the “true north” of every moment; its most essential context.

2. Finiteness (Receptive)

Gurdjieff mentions that the ultimate reminding factor ought to be the fact of one’s own death, the remembrance of one’s own death then serving as the present perceived risk which can bring the mentioned shock for self insight and observation. The remembrance of death ought then to serve as the means to stimulate the necessary challenge and demand/need that is required in order to bring the shock for self consciousness.

…But your time is finite

  • how we live this moment is how we live our life
  • ::/don’t put your happiness off to the future/::
  • the Finiteness of our experience-life
  • Finiteness isn't just an inevitability or a constraint as most people think of it as. When considered in the context of the triunal principle it is a call to arms to and affirmation of the other 2 principles; “your life is precious, so make it one you love”
  • failing to recognise the preciousness of the part and finite situation-moment in the context of its infinite wholeness is part of the core problem
  • The denial of finiteness is procrastination
  • “If not now, then when?”
  • ref [[“Hazard” 🔘 and uncertainty]] & entropy

3. Responsibility (or Self Authorship or Participation or being-the-cause-in-the-matter)

You can make it so

So (take the lead to) make it one you love

Our responsibility and capacity to realise it (Reconciling)
  • “The opportunity to meaningfully participate in the drama of Life”
  • [[Responsibility 🔘/Werner Erhard on responsibility]]
  • “::who:: do I have to be to get there?”. To close the [[Meaning Gap 🔘]](Every moment of your life is defined by this)
  • You are the cause of your life
  • Self authorship
  • Affirming the difference we make in our world, and the world
  • Our dignity as human beings lies in how we meet the 3 truths.


  • Choice in the moment

Attention (is a choice)

  • [[5CBM - 3. Cognition and Decision-making/4. Awareness and Perspective shaping]]
  • experience is “chosen” (attention) and co-created. Blind spots. Language as part of your filtering mechanism hence need for new distinctions

From Indulgence vs Investment

  • ::Our lives in our culture are optimised for comfort and convenience and the present-moment meaning, and not for (trans-moment) meaning and self authorship:: (and the acknowledgement of our finiteness)

It is a sister of reciprocal maintenance?
I think one of the powers of idojo and MPa is speaking out of a recognisable truth. People already have this truth inside them so it will naturally resonate

The need for meaningful participation

In considering global warming and the state of our world as well as reading Masters of wisdom and considering our finiteness and the uniqueness and extraordinaryness of life I realise that failing to recognise the preciousness of the part and finite situation-moment in the context of its infinite wholeness is part of the core problem. Seeing this requires "being" because perception is constructed. And this in turn requires practice to build our being (self authoring capability)
Aside: value-theories (beliefs) require "work" to see them


  • [[Finiteness 🔘/The infinite MPo and the finite MVa are 2 parts of a larger whole]]