Morning remembrance

I read this to myself each morning

Morning remembrance
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Jun 27, 2021
I read this to myself each morning
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(repeat each phrase as if it were my last breath)

The Reawakener: Reawakening

I am the subject in my
Rusty Autopilot
and this is my wake up call.
Take a conscious breathe, and reawaken, and affirm “
My participation matters
”! Remember the guiding light of my
Meaningful Potential
of this day & my life, and my responsibility for the quality & impact of my life And act as if today matters.

5. Psychological distancing (Self-mediator)

To operate from calm detachment To unbind and unwind myself from habitual positions of emotional identification, avoidance & reactivity; hurt, reactance, impatience, fear, anger & frustration. That limit me from who I want to & need to be And how I want to experience life and what I want to create.

1. To attend to what is important (Guide)

Remember to STOP. I mean really stop, and step back. And listen to my imtuition; the voice of my Meaningful Potential; “What is important now”? & “who is important now”? To always actively listen for this voice. To remember that the more important voice is often hidden “behind” the habitual and less important one. And that this voice is mine & me; even more “me” than I currently am. And to hold that in my intention.

2. A second kind of presence (Witness)

To always be present here and now. To pay attention to how I’m feeling at the moment, physically & emotionally, and what’s going on around me. To remember that my experience is as much mine to shape as it is mine to receive. To “re-notice”, and acknowledge the many blessings I have to be grateful for, and thereby extract the full nourishment of my life.

3. To choose something new (Hacker)

To notice when I am stuck or unhappy And then to be curious. And hopeful. Rather than a passive victim of the stuckness, where the emerging emotions “have” me. To inquire & trust in my ability to find a new choice that will create a better outcome.

4. Effort & sacrifice (Grunt)

To exert effort in striving and stretching through and beyond what is comfortable. Both in affirming what is helpful, and denying what is not. As the necessary sacrifice that pays the price for who I want to become. And thereby more and more to be someone who is dependable to my self.

Care for other selves

To remember to be kind and respectful to others & myself & accept those things I find uncomfortable To be a helpful companion to the people around me

My pride

To take responsibility for my day and what
Meaningful Potential
calls for to be manifested. To create a life that I love and a self that I am proud of; more everyday and to contribute towards a world in which I want to belong.
This Remembrance is a “self tool”. A tool I created that I use on my self to create the self I want to be. This is part of the craft of
Self Authorship
. To craft a set of tools and associated practices that support one’s Self authorship. This embodies the essential property of
Mitch Olson

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Mitch Olson