The Reawakener: Reawakening

The Reawakener: Reawakening


  • Reawakening out of habituality & externalised authority (Ref Bridled Autopilot) is critical. Only then can something original and authentic and meaningful come into being.
  • Without reawakening we are simply mechanical beings operating out of a habituated autopilot
  • I think this is the core practice of self authorship and MPa. Everything else depends on it.
  • Is this the foundational MC?


  • Is the “Shock” equivalent to /this/ as an essential catalyst to change


  • ”Reawakening” is the prerequisite to being able to engage the other Meta-capabilities in the moment..
  • I think that [[Activity Periods 🔘]] are important as rituals of “rewakening”


  • Rewake or rewaken
  • revive
  • resurrect
  • vigilance
  • Caring
  • Prudence
  • mindful
  • present


  • [[Self remembering 🔘]]
  • [[The Meaningful Participation framework: tying it all together]]

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