Meaningful Potential

Meaningful Potential is the universe’s answer to the question “What is important now?”

Meaningful Potential
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Jun 27, 2021
Meaningful Potential is the universe’s answer to the question “What is important now?
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Every moment of life has a structure that informs and shapes it. This structure is called
The 3 potentials of life
. The first element or “possibility” of this structure is called Meaningful Potential.
Let's stop here for a minute and have a thought experiment. If you were given responsibility for designing a structure that informed each moment of the lives of people (and everything else in the universe), where would you start? What seems like the most important starting point?
How about the question "What is important"? When you think about it, it's obvious isn't it? How could you start in any better place?
What is important now
is the first force of
The 3 potentials of life
. It sets the purpose and trajectory and meaning of every moment. And not only this but also provides the starting energy to catalyse the moment into action.
Everything below here is under construction
  • The final cause of the universe
  • My Meaningful Potential is more “ME” than my current identified “me”. My Present moment “Me” chooses where to orient from
  • Potential (or Essence) is just as “real” as existence or agency.
  • Imtuition is the faculty that senses our conscience
The meaning of life is the answer to the question “what is important to you, now?”

The Meaningful Potential is the source of

  • any and all intrinsic drives towards something we care alive
  • Aka Iove
  • The source of life itself as what we call the drive to live
  • Both the trajectory and source of "want" energy

The components of Meaningful Potential

1. Meaning

  • The purpose, value, intent, importance or significance (of something) beyond the fact of that thing's existence.
  • The answer to the question “what is important”
A meta-system provides a reason for doing something which does not lie within the immediate situation itself A meta-system is a higher system outside the immediate system in which one happens to be operating.

2. Potential

  1. the inherent capacity for coming into being
  1. something or someone that has the power to become something
  1. Currently unrealised ability. It is real but unrealised
  • Potential is a real possibility of me and this moment.


Robert Pirsig
’s Metaphysics of Quality, Meaningful Potential is equivalent of Dynamic Quality.

Smartstart program

This is an experiment. Trying embedding a video from a habit/practice building program I ran in 2020. It’s only partially related to Meaningful Potential but speaks to it from 1:00.


  • It is one of [[The 3 Domains of Life (3DL)/1. Meaningful Potential]]
  • Seems somewhat related to [[Heideggerian terminology/Care (or concern)]]
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Mitch Olson