What is important now

What is important now

“What is important now?” is “The Always Question”. It introduces value into every moment it is asked
Meaningful Potential
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Mitch Olson
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Jul 1, 2021
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“What is important now?” is the most profound question in the world. The more we live out of a conscious connection with that question the more meaningful our lives become.
When you build a practice around that question you move ever closer to living a life in which every moment is sacred. Living out of this question includes the implicit context of the question which is my capacity; “how do I get better at engaging with the question?” as deeply and broadly and frequently as I can. Finally it also includes answering the question, and of course fulfilling it through action.
When you ask yourself that question and if you include the implicit context of that question which is “how do I get better at asking that question?” as deeply and broadly and frequently as you can, and answering the question, and of course fulfilling it, then you move ever closer to living a life in which every moment is sacred.
The notion of sacred can be made more market-accessible by considering the whole of your life and applying the same question against your life?
Need a term
  • I wonder whether I should give this a name.
  • Heidegger calls it Heidegger/Concern (or Care)
  • To be meaningful
  • one angle is something like “the prime question

: The faculty of WII
  • The perception of the immediate higher-order meta-affirmative; the faculty or process of “feeling into” what-is-important.
  • I’ve have previously mistakenly swapped to using the term Conscience 🔘 to mean this.

Association with Conscience & Pride
  • I think the distinctions of
    as a yardstick & divining rod of this should be more upfront in idojo messaging
  • Reflecting on this question each night
  • Pride
    is a measure of ones sense of authorship of a meaningful meaning gap

  • In my SA Prayer this question is asked by The Guide
  • It speaks to a “situation-moment”

From 1990’s Learning Journal
A meta-system provides a context or reference point by which our choices are measured.  Without a point of reference we are like sailors at sea without a compass or sextant.  Religion provides such a meta-system.  Its reference points are typically linked with contemporary events & beliefs with the result that the metaphor, pointing to a transcendent reality or meta-system reference point, becomes inextricably connected to the ultimately outdated belief leading to the extinction of the religion. (de Bono)
Ultimate concern
  • Ultimate concern was Paul Tillich’s term for religion & its object. Whatever is of ultimate concern or importance to you [ie. your values] is in effect your deity. The beliefs, emotions, attitudes & practices oriented around this ultimate concern constitute your real religious life - regardless of the religious institution to which you may or may not belong (D Griffin)