• Pride is a measure of ones sense of responsibility of a meaningful Meaning Gap
  • Is a great “indicator” of what needs to change in one’s life
  • Is connected to half of [[Integrity 🔘]]


  • Kyle talks about being content
  • Mark Feenstra talks about feeling satisfied.


  1. Ask, “What Kind Of Person Do I Want To Be?”
  1. Regularly Remind Yourself
  1. Focus On Effort, Not Natural Ability

Remind yourself

When we’re reminded of that identity, or a particular piece of it, we become particularly inclined to behave like it. The net result is that we do things that make us most like whatever aspects of our identity are currently on our minds
“In the study of Germans’ daily temptations, those participants who reported feelings of pride each time they successfully resisted a temptation— each time they chose the apple over the fries— demonstrated a stronger resistance to temptation the next time they faced it.”