Reconciling force
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Jun 26, 2021
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The Reconciling force is the third force of
The law of three
, the first being the
Affirmative force
and the second being the
Receptive force
. Together these 3 forces are a primordial architecture that shapes reality.
The reconciling force (or principle) brings the Affirmative and Receptive forces into relationship with one another to create the opportunity for their opposition to be integrated. This is somewhat similar in function to Hegel's notion of the dialectical method whereby a thesis (representing the Affirmative force) is opposed by an antithesis (representing the second receptive force) but bought into relationship and reconciled in an integrated wholeness represented by Hegel's synthesis. There is some controversy over whether Hegel used or coined these terms but the point still stands.
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  • Self
  • The present moment
  • Will of (of Bennett’s Will - Function - Being)
  • Physics: information
  • choice & identity
  • Synonyms: soul, essence, relating, controlling,
  • The centre of control; In William T Powers' "Perceptual Control Theory", the reconciling "force"/law is controlling (not perception but rather) the gap between the meta-affirmative ("reference signal") & receptive (perception)

The triad as a building block

  • “Time” (multiple situation-moments) & Self (multiple internal stakeholder selves) create the need to add another triad to the triad.
  • Ref [[The Systematics of Self Authorship/The 3 levels of Self Authorship]]
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