Receptive force
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Jun 26, 2021
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As a noun, incorporates the notion of Conserving (or Preserving) or Static? but this is not explicit in name

“Receptive” seems like a word that captures the verb of the second force but not the noun (whereas "Affirmative" & "Reconciling" work for both noun & verb).
As an alternate to the “receptive” force it is more accurate to call this a “conserving” force, or another possible synonym is “preserving” or even ::“Static”::

Origin Of Preserve

::1325–75; Middle English preserven < Medieval Latin praeservāre to guard (Late Latin: to observe), equivalent to Latin prae- pre- + servāre to watch over, keep, preserve, observe::
I have long felt that this name worked well in describing the force as a verb, but not so well as a noun (whereas both affirming and reconciling work relatively well for both). In looking for an alternative I felt that “preserve” with its roots pointing to "to watch over, keep, preserve, observe” captures both its “taking in” nature as well as its “keeping” nature. What do you think?


  • /Receptive/
  • The feminine (receptive) energy is about caring for what is (being). This exists in space. A particle
  • Preserved “matter”
  • existence & existential
  • Whitehead’s world-of-fact & “transitory fact”
  • I have previously used the term “bounded-habituality” for the 2nd domain
  • The canvas of our life
  • Function (of Bennett’s Will - Function - Being)
  • Physics: matter
  • Pirsig: static quality
  • quality: openness
  • habituality
  • Memory
  • What is
  • Synonyms: absorb, coalesce, fuse, acquisitive, form
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