The Hacker: Reflection & Problem solving

The Hacker: Reflection & Problem solving


  • Is choosing a better term than the current hacker term?


  • This is equivalent to the [[Viegram 🔘/3. Inquiry]]
  • In Anders Ericsson’s terms this core capability is the development of “mental representations”


  • [[The 6 Life Skills (6LS)]]

for each “Skill”

[[The 6 Life Skills (6LS)/Each “Skill”]]

Creativity & Problem solving?

  • Reflection
  • How are you going to bridge the gap
  • Reflection
  • Inquiry (Mark’s notion of this as a skill of showing up). This in turn requires collaboration
  • Problem solving
  • Detachment
  • Identify the obstacles both external and internal in the way to achieving your goals
  • Diagnose
  • Design plans to get around the obstacles
  • Curiosity is an essential characteristic of the reconciling stage that includes inquiry. Is it in my viegram?

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