The Guide: Meaning & Motivation

The Guide: Meaning & Motivation


  • The shortcoming of “advocate” is it assumes an already known wii
  • Defining “What is important”

Term possibilities

  • Advocate
  • Guide
  • Lead(er)
  • Principle
  • Tenet
  • Pointer
  • Steer


  • This is equivalent to the [[Viegram 🔘/1. What is important]]
  • Uses the faculty of Imtuition to sense [[“What is important” 🔘]]

for each “Skill”

[[The 6 Life Skills (6LS)/Each “Skill”]]

The price

  • Wish and I-Want
  • This needs all 3 viegram elements including affirmational intention

The practice

  • Living Beginning


  • Start with the question “what is important” This is always the most important question in any moment
  • And how much am I willing to pay for obtaining that?
  • Viegram principles of trust & intention
  • Have clear goals
  • Your desire is the fuel for change


In doBe this would be to question what do I belong to

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