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Jun 27, 2021
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  • if we don’t do it for ourself then who will? This is possibly the MPa version of a term. A verb that points at what is helpful to do in the face of the manifestation of the USp behaviour

To gratitude

  • Un-noticing and re-noticing is related to gratitude and acknowledgment. It is “affirmation” of what is important

Appreciation is taking responsibility

  • We are responsible for manifesting the value we are called to AND
  • We’re responsible for extracting the available nourishment from “manifest(ed) value”
  1. Responsibility necessitates being “awake”. To start paying attention to what I am not; to re-notice
  1. it’s a choice to notice.
      • And especially to notice what I’m not noticing. That which is essential and finite but forgotten and now unseen.
  1. And then to acknowledge, and give thanks
  1. And in so doing I am nourished by what is valued but forgotten where I otherwise wouldn’t have been

to Finiteness

  • life itself is only appreciated when we contextualise it with not-life, as in Karl’s life. With the presence of something and it’s absence
  • ::Is [manifest value] always associated with finiteness?::


[[Viegram 🔘/2c. Acknowledgement]]
Mitch Olson

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Mitch Olson