Fractal Principle Principle

This principle says that life is an expression of a set of fractal principles

Fractal Principle Principle
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Nov 20, 2021
This principle says that life is an expression of a set of fractal principles
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I think this principle is more general than any specific n-term fractal pattern. It says
  • the triad as expressed in the law of three is the most fundamental fractal pattern of reality
  • Recursion and circularity
A catalyst label to name my “6 capabilities” model as a fractal pattern embedded in life
It could even more fully be related to “Meaningful Participation” model, but this isn’t the aesthetic I am looking for.
This is also connected into Whitehead’s notion of the function of reason. Also listening to Entangled life and the question of the boundaries on organisms and the blind man with a stick. The stick extends the man’s sensing apparatus. In the same way the internet and other broadcast mediums and other people become part of our organism.

Life is (meta-) principled and systematic and intelligent
  • This model, whatever it is called, is BT itself
  • No one seems to have developed a model of life to date that imagines it expressing itself as a “systematic” fractal form. This was my original “intuition” and this moment is a remembering and realisation of this and suggests another angle for the naming of the model.
  • The foundations of Meaningful Participation starts with an assumption that life is principled and these principles are fractal. That’s my “monistic” beginning. This is in a sense more abstract than most prior philosophies cos they don’t work with fractal patterns.
  • The distinctions of Meaningful Participation are a model of reality which is an expression of BT
  • Receptivity, as expressed in curiosity, or affirmation as expressed in stretch and perseverance and struggle, are not abstractions but genuine engagement with Meaningful Participation and BT
  • There is a Theory of Everything or at least a philosophy of everything & it is mine. Based in Systematics and Holons and The law of three and Cybernetics.
  • My weekend struggle to “work”, or indeed any struggle, is where I engage with BT.
  • Maybe I am not feeling into my stretch to find my genuine/authentic Meaningful Potential

What do you mean by principle or force
At its most profound a principle is a
  • “stance” or a stand.
  • An attitude towards life.
  • The way you hold your chin.
  • A hopeful expectation.
  • In my language it is a value-theory

> Wiener’s most salient trait as an engineer: he was never content simply to find a practical solution to a problem, but was compelled to burrow deep into it, always to seek the underlying principles of engineering problems, indeed the very philosophy of the problem.
Philosophy: “the general principles or laws of a field of knowledge”

The Triholon
Is the “specific” expression of the FPP
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Mitch Olson

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