Kegan’s “Self and Other” triadicised

Kegan’s “Self and Other” triadicised

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Jun 27, 2021
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::I’m trying to add identity and capability into Kegan’s model::

The neo-Keganian triad

  1. Static being. The essential aspect of this in this includes values and beliefs about myself; self-referent beliefs [[The 3 Domains of Life (3DL)/2. Static being]]
  1. Choice. Ref [[The 3 Domains of Life (3DL)/3. Present choice]]
  1. Experience. An experience of “Other” that is mediated by 1.

Nick Williams

It is the fact that we only ever receive information that ‘confirms our expectations’ that ensures that we live in a world that is exactly as small as we are.
The self creates itself by living in that narrow little world which is the exact reflection of its own assumptions, and it arranges this cosy situation by making very sure only to look at things via the one viewpoint.
We shall adopt the term Identification to designate the basic negative freedom of the Nullity. Negative freedom is neither abscence of freedom – which is determinism – nor subordination to a stronger power, which is one of the forms of Identity. In identification, the Reactional Self is cut off from its own higher self and loses itself in what is not itself.

With identification what is actually "other" becomes "self"

Ref [Capability 🔘]
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Does this work? Does it need anything else?

  • Habituality, habit
  • Disidentification
  • Multiple selves
Kegan’s Self and Other expanded
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CDT self and other AND self-author

The so-called "self" is the habitualised value-theories through which "we" (the self-author) experience ourselves in the present moment.

We are simultaneously "shaped" by 3 wholes; the environment, MP & the sq of our self

(A whole is any context of which we are a part)
The wholes of our
  1. physical, social and cultural environment
  1. Meaningful Potential
  1. identity or being or selfhood.
Ref Orthodoxy & inertia - The expressions of “orthodoxy”

Ref The choice of indulgence vs investment - Stretch and [Stretch]