Together thinking

Together thinking

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In order to understand what Together thinking is its helpful to first understand the nature of its counterpart Opposed thinking.
a kind of thinking which is characterised
Together Thinking is I-now-centric (or /self-&-moment-centric/). This is only possible in a triadic structure. Together Thinking is a “first person” perspective whereas Opposed thinking is a “third person” perspective
Variation-version of this as encapsulating the essence of holonic thinking
notion image
The third force is the whole that brings the dyad into implicit relationship. Hence my what-was-previously-hidden-to-me sense that the"triadic" and the "holonic" were competing names for "Holonic Thinking".

The (triadic) alternative

Together Thinking sees both the parts as well as the whole. It is not “captured” by habitual patterns of polar cognition where things are only seen in terms of their opposite, but not the larger wholeness of which they are both a part. It stands in the self-situation-moment and recognises this as the fundamentally reconciling point that brings the whole and the parts into harmony. I think this moment needs a name; “Meaningful realisation”?

We are meaningful participants of life, not simply passive spectators of Bridled autopilot.

A Bridled autopilot has the shrunken self of a cancer cell and is a pawn inside a meaningless world-environment (ref [[Michael Levin - “All cognitive agents are made of parts”]]
A MPa has a holonic thinking/viewpoint and sees whole, self and parts. Any boundary between ourselves and life is something we and our culture create

Together Thinking incorporates the notion of “circularity”

So I need to search for this at the intersection of the notions of holons and triads. The 3 creative forces of life model is an expression of this intersection.
Circularity is a reflection of how a Triholon is structured; the reconciling “Self authorship” experiences the Affirmative force and Receptive force of the 3WL wherein it co-creates this experience out of its internal models-maps-representations-value-theories-schema.
This experience is called “circumjective”; a “Together Thinking” triadic alternative to the “Opposed Thinking” dyadicism of subjectivity and objectivity.
I think the difference between dyadic and triadic-circular "orientations" is a critical philosophical and “big-picture” explanative mechanism of "MPa vs USu".

The adjective that I use to describe the dyadic, from the perspective of the triadic?

  • “Shortsighted”

Aside: exploring the root of Object & Subject

  • object means "thrown towards" (that which is)?
  • subject means "below the throwing"?
  • “Circumjective” as the triadic alternative

Need term
  • Something thinking
  • Connected
  • Relational
  • Reconciling
  • Communual
  • “Contextual” or “context” or a synonym thereof could work as an alternative name. Ref psychological distancing
    • Is holonic the right term? #tk Could be
      • Together thinking.
      • Triadic
      • Reconciling
      • Third way
      • Meta

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