The 3 creative forces of life

The 3 creative forces of life

Some of the most consequential things in life are invisible to us. For instance our assumptions about ourself create an invisible ceiling that limits our aspirations and actions. Societal norms form invisible walls that limit and direct acceptable choices and behaviour. Language and the Distinctions we use have an impact on what we pay attention to and how we interpret our experience. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t real. All of these invisible forces influence our life in a significant way without us being aware of it.
These influences are themselves an effect of prior or more fundamental causes. And right at the very root of all of these causal influences are the 3 creative forces.
We live and belong to 2 worlds. That of being and becoming. A world in which we are nourished by life and a world in which we strive to realise that which has deeper meaning. I call them Manifest value & Meaningful Potential. Both are interdependent.

Life is built from three creative forces

These 3 forces are called
  1. Meaningful potential
  1. Manifest value
  1. Capability
Each of these three forces is inter-dependent upon the other. Their meaning and relevance only comes from their relationship to one another. This set of relationships is an expression of a core mathematical principle of life called The law of three.
Everything below here is work-in-progress

1. Meaningful Potential

  • This is my triadic version of Pirsig’s dyad of Dynamic and static quality. These are the 3 value-theory “faces” of reality. These are also 3 different aspects of being, of selfhood.

We are simultaneously "shaped" by 3 wholes;

notion image
notion image

The infinite (MPo) and the finite (MVa) are 2 parts of a larger whole

  • What sort of universe is it that finiteness and infinity are both parts of a larger whole?!! Bizarre!
  • the self is the reconciling agent of the universe
  • ref meaning and participation; the 2 wholes of which we are a reconciling part
  • "it is both and"

Where does the affirmation of being a Meaningful Participant in the universe come from?

  • This is stated in the 3RP but not derived. Where is it implied from?
  • Is there an underlying assertion of the structure of the universe from which MPa (& USu?) are derived from?
  • I think it is derived from the structure of the relationship between a triad in whole and its parts.
  • It’s implicit in the core content of this note

1. Meaningful Potential (MPo) (meaning)

Meaningful potential - The reality of value, energy & eternity
  • What ought to be
  • A deeper “truth”
  • Associated with [[Eternity]]


  • Intrinsic desire love
  • Belonging to it like a family member
  • Energetic source
  • Trajectory of calling


2. Manifest Value (MVa) (matter)

Manifest value - The reality of matter & the past
  • Associated with the past or perhaps Time

3. Capability

Function, Being & Will

  • [[The Dramatic Universe. Commentary by: A.G.E. Blake/Being, Function & Will]]

"God" is not 1 but 3: The Beneficent Trinity

In considering an alternative to "Benevolent Purposeful Whole" and thinking of "Universal Meaningful Potential" I realise that MP or UMP is only one "face" of God, of reality. But reality has 3 faces.
Heaven is another expression of this 1-instead-of-3. It denies 2/3rds of the significance and importance and sacredness of reality and our lives.


  • [[Finiteness 🔘/The infinite (MPo) and the finite (MVa) are 2 parts of a larger whole]]

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